Ignorance on guns is no excuse

I grow weary of reading articles in the news written by people who have no clue what they are talking about.

Case in point, today’s Chicago Tribune article “Want to make America safe again? Ban assault rifles” written by Contact Reporter Dahleen Glanton.   [Read more…]

If this were a joke, I would be laughing. But it’s serious.

Melissa Harris-Perry Tells ‘Elle’ About Her Struggle For Justice At The White House Correspondents’ Dinner

Her struggle for justice is for LGBT rights.  Never mind that Harris-Perry is straight.  But more on that later as this entire story is full of hypocritical doublespeak.   [Read more…]

Boots on the ground

Conservatives are gleefully pointing out the facts regarding State Department spokesman John Kirby’s heated exchange aboutObama’s use of the term “boots on the ground” in Syria.  Fact checkers are analyzing.  Even that liberal rag the USA Today took Obama to task with the article 16 times Obama said there would be no boots on the ground in Syria.   [Read more…]

An oldie but a goodie

To call Melissa Harris-Perry a Liberal is an insult to Liberals. To anyone who has seen her, it’s easy to walk away with the feeling that she is completely irrational.  And you would be right.

I know this clip is about 6 months old at this point, but I happened to stumble across it today researching some other stories and I simply had to post some comments about it. [Read more…]

Gun Free Zones vs Armed Citizenry

A brief look at today’s top headlines provided a glaring disparity between those who live life expecting the government to protect them and those who choose to be armed.   [Read more…]

Obama Gets Serious

President Obama has authored a guest post on the SCOTUSblog and indicated that Supreme Court nominations are a responsibility he takes seriously.   [Read more…]

Then & Now: Obama and SCOTUS nominees

Obama loves to quote the Constitution – when it suits him.

Following the death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, President Obama was quick to point out that it is part of the process for him to appoint a successor to the bench and that it would be unconscionable for the Senate to block the nominee from a vote.

That’s interesting, considering that Obama was a member of a Senate filibuster of Samuel Alito’s nomination to the Supreme Court.  It made him the first President in history to have filibustered a SCOTUS nominee.   [Read more…]

Common Sense Is Severely Lacking in the Anti-Gun Crowd

The letters section of the York Daily Record provides us today with a shining example of how the anti-gun crowd, as much as they would like to have the intellectual if not also the moral high ground, simply cannot come up with an actual legitimate argument to substantiate their position.  (I believe that this is predominantly because public education no longer focuses on inclusion of logic and rhetoric as core subjects as does classical education, but that’s a story for another time.)  [Read more…]

The Scolder in Chief welcomes new Americans while mocking the rest

Yesterday, Barack Obama took time out of his busy schedule of being tough on ISIS to speak to some new American citizens at their naturalization ceremony.  In a photo op for the President, he took the opportunity to steal what should be a proud day for these new citizens and turn it into a chance to bash America and it’s current citizens.   [Read more…]

“Common Sense” gun laws lack common sense

Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy says banning gun sales to people on federal no-fly watch lists is just “common sense.”  While it may sound like common sense, take a moment and think about what the government terror watch list and one of it’s subsets, the no-fly list are.   [Read more…]