Breeding a Generation of Trapped Animals

It is becoming more difficult for millennials to get jobs and purchase homes in the modern economy. Sadly, part of the cause of this is their burgeoning student loan debt, the service of which puts them behind the curve when saving for a home.

Unfortunately, much of that debt did not gain them an education. [Read more…]

The day after the day after and it has already gone downhill

Here we are after only one day of basking the glow of the removal of Harry Reid as Senate Majority Leader and things are already less than stellar.   [Read more…]

California Charter School Banning Books By Christians


What is the foundation of education? A closed mind?

Springs Charter Schools in Temecula, California thinks so. Or at least they think that they need to protect their students from… well, I’m not exactly sure what.   [Read more…]

The impossibility of reasonable debate is fueled by a biased media

Are you still one of those people that believes the media in the United States is not biased to the Left?  Consider the recent reporting of a Fourth of July parade float in Nebraska that depicted President Obama coming out of an outhouse labeled “Obama Presidential Library.”  [Read more…]

Sandra Fluke’s Straw Man (guess that’s the best she could get…)

Sandra Fluke thinks your boss shouldn’t be involved in your healthcare decisions…


But Hobby Lobby not providing free birth control via your employer’s offered healthcare plan does not equate to making healthcare decisions for you. If you want birth control, go purchase it.

My employer doesn’t offer free lunches. But I don’t go around complaining that my employer is somehow involved in my dietary decisions.

The most transparent (dishonest) administration in history

It turns out that when Barack Obama said he would have the most transparent administration in history, what he meant was the most dishonest administration in history.

The record shows that this President took none of his campaign promises seriously – those are just things you say to an uneducated populous to get elected.  If he had any respect for the intelligence of the American people, he would have concerns about keeping some of those promises.   [Read more…]

Evil Exposed

This has been a rough few days for the Progressive movement, and it has exposed the sinister side of what they have in-store for America and the World.

Bengahzi, IRS, and the AP scandals all point to an administration that doesn’t care about the Constitution – they only care about power and controlling their message to keep that power.  The AP scandal in particular indicates that the administration is happy when the media is enamored with them, but push too hard on certain issues and we’ll come looking for you.

It’s Chicago-style politics at its finest – basic thuggery, with the Unions as the jack-booted stormtroopers.

People wanted to believe that their liberal hero was squeaky-clean, but if they are listening and paying attention, they are learning that he is anything but.  He’s a smooth talker, but he’s still a scorpion.  And a scorpion will sting you at some point.

And then there’s Kermit Gosnell.  The guilty verdict in this case exposes the pure evil of the abortion industry that the liberals are so bent on protecting.

If the baby (and these were babies) is born alive and killed on the table, what is the difference between that and pulling out all but its head and then crushing its head in utero? While I’m happy with the guilty verdict, I’m not sure that society at large (and certainly not Progressives, Feminists, and other Pols) are willing to allow their sacred cow to be taken down.

This case shines light on the fact that you are being lied to.  Ethically, there is no difference between the two procedures described above.  But the dividing line is currently 21 weeks of pregnancy.  If the difference between legal late term abortion and murder is less than 12 inches, what is the difference between 11:59 and midnight from 20 weeks to 21?  And it unravels from there.

The truth is out there.  And we are getting to see it, if only for a short while.  If the Progressives win this argument in the media and get back on message, you can rest assured that we will see a future of population control (legalized euthanasia/murder), government spying, and totalitarian tactics when they don’t get their way.

In other words, evil has been exposed.

Jesse Jackson and Larry Hanley – the disgusting underbelly of society

At a union rally in Wisconsin, where the public employees are looking for the outster of Governor Scott Walker, Larry Hanley, head of the Amalgamated Transit Union, stated in his speech, “On September 11, when we were attacked, I didn’t see any bankers running up the stairs to save lives.”  [Read more…]

Voter ID laws and straw man arguments

A brief perusal through the facebook comments on a recent piece on Voter ID laws uncovers some of the usual straw man arguments that are either intentionally used to confuse the opposition, or simply come from a lack of understanding. [Read more…]

A simpleton’s view of tax code economics

dear mr. ceoI recently saw this cartoon on Facebook.  Sadly, this and most of the comments that accompanied it show that Americans (and others) lack even a basic understanding of economics and the tax code.

The generations that made this country what it became in the 20th Century have long since passed from this world, [Read more…]