In the following video, Pelosi invokes the surpluses under Clinton as a model for Democrat fiscal responsibility.  Does Nancy know that the facts don’t lie?  Congress, where spending bill MUST originate, at that time was controlled by Republicans and they were pushing for not only a balanced budget, but a balanced budget amendment.  Did Republicans abandon these principles?  Yes, they certainly did.  But following that, America put the Democrats back in charge of Congress only to have Pelosi lead us to record new spending under her leadership.  Does she think that any reasonable person can take her seriously when she says, “Democrats have long fought for fiscal responsibility as a top priority of this Congress.”

Wisconsin as Ground Zero

Seems I’m not the only one who thinks this thing in Wisconsin could erupt into something much, much larger… Note the title on this blog’s post.

Wisconsin: Catalyst for American Communist Revolution?

Watch this video and you tell me, will this vote in Wisconsin trigger an American Communist Revolution?

Video: Protesters Descend On Wisconsin State Capitol After Union Vote

The people involved have a clearly defined Communist agenda.  This same attempt to usurp Union power is happening in other states, with similar protests.  Watch the videos on the Internet of these people.  Do you think they could turn violent?  I think they very easily could, and will.

Here are some more reports coming in from after the vote:

Senate Republicans were harried by swarming crowds. “We tried to get out of the building after the vote, because they were rushing the chamber, and we were escorted by security through a tunnel system to another building. But, after being tipped off by a Democrat, they mobbed the exit at that building, and were literally trying to break the windows of the cars we were in as we were driving away,” Republican senator Randy Hopper tells NRO. Such tactics, he sighs, were hardly unexpected. “I got a phone call yesterday saying that we should be executed. I’ve had messages saying that they want to beat me with a billy club.” – NRO

I thought only Republicans and Conservatives were violent extremists (sarcasm intended).  Calling state senators and saying they should be executed?  Now that shows a lot of class.  These protests are on the verge of revolutionary violence and Michael Moore isn’t helping any.

“I just want to say anybody who lives within driving distance of Madison, Wisconsin right now should make their way to the capitol. I would love to see thousands of people there right now, in that capitol building, in the rotunda, on the lawn, whatever it takes. Really, this is really — this is war. This is a class war.” – Michael Moore

Now, I will say that he said this should be non-violent, but come on Michael, you know full well that when you say “this is war” and call everyone to come to Madison and protest, that a lot of passionate crazies in one place is a recipe for violence.  For example, consider the following excerpt of a death threat email circulating to Wisconsin GOP State Senators:

We feel that it’s worth our lives to do this, because we would be saving the lives of 300,000 people. Please make your peace with God as soon as possible and say goodbye to your loved ones we will not wait any longer. YOU WILL DIE!!!! – reported by WTMJ


SEIU teams up with Daily Kos for 2012 election polling

SEIU teams up with Daily Kos for 2012 election polling

“Rather than sit around and have know-nothing pundits and politicians in DC tell us what the American people think, we prefer to ask them directly,” Moulitsas said in a statement. “And this partnership will allow us to conduct significantly more polling than any other media organization in the country.”

I’m quite sure that these polls will not at all be biased…

The class warfare argument could backfire on unions

The biggest thing that liberals and progressive have to work with is class envy.  It’s easy to blame everything on the rich people not “paying their fair share.”  Nevermind that our tax system is progressive so the more you make in regular income, the higher rate at which you are taxed.

Now, the biggest group driving the communist progressive agenda is in danger of their argument backfiring on them.  Their only source of growth lately has been in the public sector.  As they have seen an increase in outsized benefit packages, they are about to be bludgeoned with their own billy club.  Call it “pension envy.”  The private sector working class is not going to just jump on the union band wagon when they are crying over benefit packages that are quite a bit larger than their private sector counterparts.

For now, they have working class anger on their side in terms of collective bargaining rights.  But when the issue becomes pay and benefits, they lose support.  We’ll have to see how the delicate balancing act of public opinion works out for them.

Anger Brews Over Government Workers’ Benefits – CNBC

MSNBC, SPLC, and pesky data

It seems that Cenk Uygur of MSNBC ran into a bit of a rough patch with some data on hate groups recently when he found out that the classification with the third largest number of groups was “black separatist.” In fact, he wouldn’t actually say the words. Then his guest, Mark Potok from the Southern Poverty Law Center, pretty much chooses to skirt the issue as well, since that would not lend support to the argument that we are seeing a rise of right-wing extremism in America and that is the real domestic terrorism threat.  Any time MSNBC shows their true colors and gets tripped up in it, I am happy.  The same goes for the SPLC.  When it’s both of them in one blow, that’s a jackpot in my book.

MSNBC’s Cenk Uygur Doesn’t Read Chart That Says ‘Black Separatists’ Are A Hate Group – mediaite.com

SPLC Hate Group Count Tops 1000

The Southern Poverty Law Center’s list of Hate Groups topped 1,000 for the first time since it began “tracking” hate groups in the 1980s.  In order to boost the numbers, they have lowered the bar for entry onto their list.  Maybe they are paid for quantity, not quality.

Milwauke Journal gets it right

Regarding the Democrats in the Wisconsin State Senate leaving the state to avoid a vote on a controversial bill, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel said it best:

The Democrats’ childish prank mocks the democratic process.

I applaud their comment, because this is not how government works in this country.  Play games with parlimentary procedure, try to rally support of the public; but at least show up to conduct business.

By the way, MJO does not entirely agree with Governor Walker’s bill.  Yet they expect the same from their government as any reasonable people should.

Kinder, gentler civil discourse

Remember after the Tragedy in Tuscon how we were told that Republicans were guilty of inciting violence with their rhetoric, that we needed a more civil discourse, and that we should avoid violent symbolism?  Well, it is important to note that only applies to Republicans.  If you are a Democrat and you are protesting in Wisconsin, it does not apply.

And here’s a woman who compares Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker to Hitler

And that dude in the video saying the budget woes are because the rich refuse to pay their fair share; I would like to know exactly what defines “rich” and exactly what their “fair share” should be. Wisconsin already has a progressive income tax, and the upper brackets are already higher than its neighbor Illinois (even with Illinois’ recent income tax increase). How much is enough?

Protest for democracy or for unsustainable entitlements?

Michael Moore twittered that Madison has become the new Cairo

Madison is the new Cairo! Wisconsin teachers, nurses, firefighters — shut the state down! All of working America is with u!


Unfortunately, Moore is wrong.  These protests aren’t masses of oppressed people, rallying for freedom.  Madison has actually become the new Athens, where thousands rallied in protest against Greece’s austerity measures against an unsustainable level of spending on entitlements.

Facing a $3 billion budget shortfall, the public employees of the state of Wisconsin are going to have to learn to tighten their belts in tough times just like everyone in the private sector.