Pelosi on the budget

Let’s face it.  If Pelosi were still Speaker, we’d be hearing that we can reduce the deficit through increased spending.

Deficit update

The White House now expects the 2011 deficit to spike to $1.65 trillion. What happened to those tough and painful cuts that were supposed to be a down payment on fiscal responsibility?

Who is John Galt?

If you don’t know, you’ll be able to find out in the upcoming theatrical release of “Atlas Shrugged.”  And if you do know, you’ll be excited to know this movie is scheduled for release April 15, 2011. (Do you see the irony of the release date?)

More proof Obama is unqualified

The continuing saga of the federal budget shows us just how unqualified for the job this president is.

The president’s budget is making “painful cuts” that would slash deficits by $1.1 trillion over the next decade.  Put another way, his cuts eliminate an average of $110 billion per year over the next ten years.  But that doesn’t eliminate the deficit. We would add $7.2 trillion to the deficit over that same time period, or an average of $720 billion per year.

Obama calls these “painful cuts” a “down payment.” The problem is, we can’t afford a down payment.  We need to solve this fiscal crisis now.  And that takes leadership.  Unfortunately, brilliant oration and an MTV image don’t equate to practical knowledge.  That is something that comes with real and actual executive experience, something that Obama had none of before he came to this job.

Elections have consequences.

Oprah wants some R-E-S-P-E-C-T

It seems that Oprah feels that America’s complaining about President Obama is unwarranted and she wants some respect for the man.  Her reasoning?  “Everyone has a learning curve.”

Wait a minute.  Weren’t we told during the campaign that he was going to surround himself with the best and the brightest; that he was the man for the job?  Remember how Valerie Jarrett told us he would be ready to “rule” from day one?

Listen up, Oprah.  It is clear that he is failing.  It is clear that his administration is failing.  It is not disrespectful to point that out.

Michelle Obama holds “listen only” conference calls with media

It seems that the office of First Lady Michelle Obama held some invitation only conference calls with the media that were “listen only,” meaning that this was essentially an opportunity for Obama to make some statements and not have to answer questions.

I can’t be too hard on Obama here because the position of First Lady is really not an elected position and therefore not really directly accountable to the people she represents.  Certainly, should the First Lady do something wrong, it reflects poorly on the Executive, who is accountable.  But we do have to be somewhat reasonable here.  It is essentially an honorary position.

That said, I think this sets a poor precedent. This smacks of a propaganda machine that we would expect from a totalitarian regime in total control of the media message (I’ll leave it to the reader to fill in the blank).

Keith Olbermann and Current TV

It is always comical to me how the die-hard Progressive Left gets bent out of shape over Fox News.  They absolutely go to pieces and demand a return to the Fairness Doctrine so their views can be heard.  But what they fail to realize is that no one (well, almost no one) wants to hear it.

Keith Olbermann is a great study in this phenomenon.  Olbermann is a man with an ego so giant, it’s a wonder that he can get into the studio.  And he has had a chip on his shoulder for Fox News for as long as I can remember.  But the more he ranted and raved, the more Fox News gained in the ratings.  You would think the executives at MSNBC would have figured out that he just wasn’t pulling the ratings (which means no one wants to watch him); and they finally did.

Fast forward to now.  Al Gore has gleefully announced that Olbermann will be coming to Current, Gore’s struggling cable channel.  And I can see why.  Current currently draws about 23,000 viewers in prime time.  And that’s not like other Nielsen ratings where you have to add the “000” at the end – it’s twenty-three thousand total.  For a channel that Gore has worked to make available to 58,000,000 households, that’s a reach of about 0.04%.  Olbermann could increase that by ten-fold, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

A ten-fold increase from the 23,000 viewers they have now would bring the prime time viewership for the channel to 230,000.  Even with that, it’s still less than one half of one percent of their reach; and a quarter of the viewers that Olbermann had at MSNBC.  Not exactly a move up.  And although Al Gore and Current TV sound ecstatic at the prospects, it is still a losing proposition.

Sure, Olbermann will be “Chief News Officer,” and I’m sure that being in charge will be a feed to his ginormous ego.  But the bottom line is this – while there will be a huge initial boost in ratings from Olbermann coming on board (it’s hard not to get a huge boost when you are on the bottom), only time will tell if that will translate into long term ratings success.  And my guess is that, if past performance is indicative of future results, it will be a long, drawn-out disaster.

America just doesn’t want to buy what Current TV is selling.  It is obvious that Olbermann is slanted to the Progressive Left, and that doesn’t resonate with Main Stream America.  Just ask Air America how that business model worked out for them.

Sheila Jackson Lee and the racial chip on her shoulder

It seems Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee is upset about this  Pepsi Max Super Bowl ad:

Jackson Lee is upset that it is demeaning to African-American women:

“It was not humorous. It was demeaning — an African-American woman throwing something at an African-American male and winding up hitting a Caucasian woman.”

Jackson Lee said she has a sense of humor and believes in the First Amendment. She also said the Super Bowl is a great time for “fellowship” with family members.

“That is why I’m so disappointed with the Pepsi advertisement that showed a demeaning role for African American women, in an ad that showed a can being thrown and being utilized to wound someone else or hit someone else,” she said.

Seriously?  I thought that we were supposed to be in a post-racial era.  Why does the old-guard black leadership continue to have a racial chip on their shoulder? When you make everything about race, you show that you are living in the past while America is moving on without you.

I didn’t see this commercial and think to myself, “I am appalled that they had a black woman throw a soda can and hit a white woman,” as if it were some sort of black racism.  In fact, I didn’t read into this ad at all.  I simply saw this commercial and laughed because it was funny.  I hope you did, too.

Democrats and Deficits

Liberals and Progressives have a track record of spending that is unrivaled.  It is amazing to me that with a track record of recklessness, that they were able to gain such power.  Hopefully, the current sting of what is happening will live on in the minds of the American people for a long time to come; if we are able to survive as a nation financially.

President Obama has hit a new low in his approval rating on handling the deficit according to Gallup.  He simply has lost all credibility when speaking of reigning in the deficit.  On his watch, it has done nothing but balloon to new highs.  Of course, the biggest part of the blame lies squarely on the Democrat controlled Congress, but he was part of the spending party.  At a time when we needed true leadership, he showed none and instead went along with the crowd.  Now he is paying the price for that.  I suspect he will pay a bigger price in 2012.

In the meantime, he has sent his budget to Congress, where the new Republican House has a chance to stand up and show America that they have learned from past mistakes.  Today, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernake will experience his first grilling by the House Budget Committee.

Hopefully, someone will ask him about the wisdom of issuing 100 year bonds.  I think it shows that we clearly are in dire straits with the federal debt, a hole too big to ever dig out of.  But with interest rates so low, albeit artificially, isn’t it prudent to lock in a lower rate?  Maybe for a responsible person who has learned their lesson.  Unfortunately, the federal government has shown that in the past when tough decisions are made to fix a problem, they always revert back to their old spending ways.  The robbing of the Social Security piggy bank and stuffing it with IOUs is a prime example of this.

Pelosi: still out of touch

Nancy Pelosi had words to say to Bill O’Reilly regarding his interview with President Obama.  She thought his question regarding the people that “hate” him was “inappropriate.”

“To hear this used in the presence of the president of the United States — I think we all have to recognize that while we disagree with people, and may think that they are wrong,” the word “hate” should never be used, Pelosi said.

“In the presence of?”  – Nancy, he’s not a king.  He is a representative of the people, just like you.  It would be naive to assume that there are not people that actually “hate” him.  And this is not without precedent.  In our history, there have been many times when there has been animosity, and yes, hatred, between various political ideologies.  To suggest that the word “hate” should never be used is simply ridiculous.

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