Evidence does not point to systemic racism

Whenever there is a police shooting of a black man, the Black Lives Matter movementbegin their chants of racial bias, racial profiling, and racism.  But the evidence points in different direction.   [Read more…]

Black Students at Ivy League University Feel Marginalized

Reading today how Princeton University has reached a compromise on Woodrow Wilson’s legacy at this elite institution takes me back a few months to the open letter that the Black Justice League published regarding their demands and how they felt that their freedom of speech as being repressed.   [Read more…]

Only Black Democrats Can Question Someone’s “Blackness”

When speaking recently of Barack Obama, Ben Carson raised the question of Obama’s blackness, indicating that Obama had been raised white really could not identify with the black experience.   [Read more…]

The Exploitation of the Underinformed

Hillary Clinton is at it again.  In the wake of the death of Antonin Scalia and the Senate Republicans’ recommendation to follow precedent and allow the next President to nominate a justice to the vacany, Clinton is calling this “racial language.”

This is the problem with politicians, particularly Democrats.  They prey on the uninformed by telling you there is a problem when there is none, and convincing you that they alone can solve the problem (even though the problem does not exist).   [Read more…]

Only in the warped world of Liberalism are actual racist overtones not racist

Only in the warped world of Liberalism would it be OK to use the word “ape” when referring to a black man. [Read more…]

Whites abandoned the Democrats in 2010 – are they racists?

New poll data suggests that whites abandoned the Democratic Party in the 2010 elections in favor of Republicans.  A full 60% of white voters backed Republican candidates compared to 37% who backed Democrats.  What I find interesting is that reasons for abandonment of the Left’s agenda by whites is not racial. [Read more…]