They Just Don’t Get It

I have never been a registered member of any political party. I always thought of myself as a “vote the man” kind of guy instead of a straight ticket voter. But in recent years, the political left has done a great job of helping me narrow that down – and it isn’t making me warm and fuzzy towards the DNC. For a party that portrays itself as the champion of tolerance and acceptance, we must realize that means everyone – all races, sexual orientations, and religions, with the exception of Christians. Instead, Christians are now grouped in to some kind of made up “Religious Right” and are to be shunned as a group. That’s ok with me because come election time, it makes the decision that much easier.

Take for example an editorial in the 8/8/05 edition of Investor’s Business Daily. In the column “On The Left”, syndicated columnist Richard Cohen basically says that Christians are a bunch of dopes with no common sense. (Actually, he doesn’t say “Christians”. Instead, he uses the term “Religious Right” but its pretty clear who he means.) The point of his column, right or wrong, was to discuss the flip-floppiness of politicians like NY Governor George Pataki and Mitt Romney, governor of Massachusetts. These so-called moderate Republicans were elected on platforms that left-leaning swing voters could be comfortable with – a woman’s right to choose. Now with GOP presidential primaries on the horizon, they are changing their view.

I am ok with Cohen pointing this out. I don’t like chameleon candidates on either side. I want someone that will stand for what he believes in. (Incidently, it was pretty convenient for Cohen to leave out some other well known chameleons like Ted “Chappaquiddick” Kennedy, John “I voted for it before I voted against it” Kerry, and Hillary Clinton. But to include them wouldn’t have allowed Cohen enough room to bash the Christians.) But Cohen takes it too far, and in doing so has should make it easy for any Bible believing Christian to make a political choice. It is becoming abundantly clear that the left seeths with hate of what we stand for. And whats more, they clearly have no understanding of it. As an example, here are Cohen’s own words:

It has now become clear that a viable Republican presidential candidate must oppose abortion, stem cell research, the morning-after pill, gay marriage and, for good measure, evolution.

At the very least, you have to offer a good word for intelligent design, as the president did just the other day in the single dopiest statement of his presidency.

These are positions that defy logic – not each and every one of them, but as a totatlity. Taken together, they require GOP presidential candidates to take a kind of loyalty oath to ignorance, to see virtually every issue through a religious prism.

So there you have it. The Richard Cohen considers Christians to be ignorant dopes. Appearantly one is supposed to take a position on moral issues based on Cohen’s definition of “logic,” which seems to be “as long as you leave religion out of it.”