Illinois Wants to Ban Assault Weapons

Illinois State Representative Martin J. Moylan has introduced legislation in the Illinois Assembly that would essentially ban “assault weapons.”  The problem is, Rep. Moylan doesn’t really have any qualified experience to tell you what defines an “assault weapon.”

For now, let’s set aside that fact that there is no such thing as an “assault weapon.”  It’s a made-up term for political purposes.  It is not the same as an “assault rifle,” which actually has a real definition.  So since “assault weapon” is a political term, the law must define it.   [Read more…]

The Facts in the Keith Scott Case Speak Volumes

Once again, as the truth comes out, we find that all these protests over what would appear to be the killing of an innocent black man minding his own business turn out to be picking a subject that isn’t so squeaky clean after all.

Time and again, this happens.  In Charlotte, with Keith Scott, we get the grieving widow who tells us he was unarmed and was just reading a book.  As if to paint a picture of a law abiding citizen who was gunned down for no reason by a bunch of racist white cops.   [Read more…]

When Emotion Takes Over, Logic and Reason Are the Victims

One thing is for certain; cities with urban poverty, blight, and violence have been subjected to progressive democrat policies and leadership for decades (and in some cases, a century).  So when the left tries to paint conservationism as racist, it just doesn’t hold up to scrutiny.

Case in point, the “protests” in Charlotte, NC and the calling for Mayor Jennifer Roberts and Police Chief Kerr Putney to resign.   [Read more…]

Joe Manchin and No Fly No Buy Stand in Opposition to What America is About

This isn’t about “gun control” so much as it is about just “control.” It’s about a process that is so secretive that not a single senator could “state the criteria for putting a name on that list, and none could identify the people who prepare or keep the list.” A decade ago this would have been the kind of thing that was only talked about by the tin-foil hat and black helicopter crowd. Sadly, today it is very real.
[Read more…]

Bill Clinton knows his guns – not.

Bill Clinton wants you to believe that more guns wouldn’t have prevented the massacre in Orlando at Pulse nightclub.  He would like you to think that armed opposition would have resulted in more casualties not less.   [Read more…]

Gun free zone UCLA the location of the latest shooting

Once again, a public (and possibly “mass”) shooting has occurred in a “gun free zone,” the UCLA campus.

When will we realize the madness of “gun free zones.” These are nothing more than publicized “unarmed target zones.”   [Read more…]

Gun Free Zones vs Armed Citizenry

A brief look at today’s top headlines provided a glaring disparity between those who live life expecting the government to protect them and those who choose to be armed.   [Read more…]

Common Sense Is Severely Lacking in the Anti-Gun Crowd

The letters section of the York Daily Record provides us today with a shining example of how the anti-gun crowd, as much as they would like to have the intellectual if not also the moral high ground, simply cannot come up with an actual legitimate argument to substantiate their position.  (I believe that this is predominantly because public education no longer focuses on inclusion of logic and rhetoric as core subjects as does classical education, but that’s a story for another time.)  [Read more…]

“Common Sense” gun laws lack common sense

Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy says banning gun sales to people on federal no-fly watch lists is just “common sense.”  While it may sound like common sense, take a moment and think about what the government terror watch list and one of it’s subsets, the no-fly list are.   [Read more…]