Calling a Spade a Spade

Well, sorry folks. It had to happen sooner or later. With my posts about Cindy Sheehan and the War in Iraq, it was only a matter of time before some extremist (right or left) had to come by.

In case you missed out, one of my posts received an ill-written comment on how wrong I was about the war. The problem was, the writer of said comment clearly had no supporting evidence for his opinion. I hypothesized that he was likely a member of an extremist group – either a Michael Moore wannabe or Or both. So I commented on his comments, and sure enough, he was waiting in the wings. This time with an even more entertaining rant.

It is amazing to me that some people think that, just because they know where the “caps lock” key is on their keyboard and that they can bandy about with name calling, that they somehow display themselves as intelligent. The truth is that they expose their ignorance. Hey, a few mispelled words or punctuation errors are ok here and there. We all make them, especially when writing so prolifically. Who has time to proofread that much content? But mix it all together and you look like a grade A imbecile.

For kicks, I looked up some synonyms for imbecile. They are quite fun. Here are a few of the better ones: addle-pate, boob, cretin, dimwit, dunce, dunderhead, fool, halfwit, ignoramus, lamebrain, loony, lunkhead, muttonhead, numskull, simpleton.

So, this commenter is clearly an extremist. Interestingly, even though I stated that I belong to neither major political party, he referred to me as a right wing republican (as if that was an insult). I guess, from the extreme left, everyone else seems to be right wing – even Bill Clinton. Anyway, since my commenter is clearly a big fan of Michael Moore, he may take offense at Bill O’Reilly’s recent comments about what makes an extremist.

If you think Michael Moore reports accurately, you’re an extremist.

Extremists who follow other extremists rarely take the time to actually learn their position. They could not debate themselves out of a paper bag. And yet they try to take on anyone and everyone who disagrees with them. If you disagree, look out! A barrage of expletives and name calling will commence. And here is a tip: if they call you a Nazi, congratulations! You have won your argument. It means that, even though you may still have supporting evidence and documentation on your position that you have not dipped in to, your opponent has been run into a corner and can’t get out. It is much like the little kid in a fight that, when backed into a corner, puts his head down and just starts swinging and flailing his arms. He’s bound to hit something, anything. He doesn’t care what, as long as it’s something.

Feel free to comment and debate. It is healthy and realistic. But for goodness sake, if you are going to open your mouth, make certain that you know of what you speak. And if you are grammatically challenged, perhaps you would be better off remaining silent.

Iraq – Failure Is Not An Option

If you missed The O’Reilly Factor on Tuesday, August 16, 2005, you probably missed some of the most concise and clear explanations of the reality of Iraq and the War on Terror.

O’Reilly kicked it off with his “Talking Points”

Now on to Iraq. First off, if you want the USA to lose this fight in Iraq, you’re a bad American. Everybody got that? You can oppose the action, but rooting for your country to lose is inexcusable.

At this point, the cut and run crowd has no case. If Iraq descends into chaos, yet another terrorist state will emerge. We removed one terror enabler, Saddam, and to allow another one to take his place is simply madness. It’d be like handing Afghanistan back to the Taliban. Again, the cut and run people are simply clueless.

And he goes on to say:

Now the mistake many Americans are making is to define the war in ideological terms. This conflict should be about performance, not a preconceived political viewpoint.

There’s no question a free Iraq cooperating against worldwide terrorism would be a good thing. There’s no question. So you can argue that the price the USA Is paying is too high. That’s a legitimate debate, but rooting against a free Iraq is atrocious.

And finally:

The Iraqis themselves must understand it’s their fight in the long run. Right now, lots of Iraqis are signing up, but their efficiency in battle is weak after two and a half years. That’s got to change fast. American blood and treasure is giving its people the chance at freedom, but we can only do so much.

[Read the entire column here]

Later in the program, O’Reilly had on Ret. Lt Gen Thomas McInerney and former Senator Zell Miller. If I had known their discussion was going to be so good, I would have taken copius notes. So for lack of better commentary, here is the synopsis from The O’Reilly Factor archive:

Top Story
A no-spin look at Iraq
Guests: Fox News analyst Zell Miller & Fox News military analyst Gen. Thomas McInerney

For more on Iraq, The Factor was joined by Fox News analysts Gen. Thomas McInerney and Zell Miller, both of whom claimed the war is going far better than most news reports indicate. “We have made enormous progress,” General McInerney said. “The coalition forces have built schools and hospitals and have gotten the economy going. The terrorists and the insurgents are fighting even harder because they know they are losing.” Miller agreed, and disputed the suggestion that Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld should step down. “I would rather have an exhausted Rumsfeld than a fresh and invigorated someone else. He is enough of a patriot and a good soldier to know when it’s time to leave, but right now I don’t see any reason to replace him.” The Factor argued the other side, pointing out that insurgent attacks have increased over the past year. “I’m not a military guy, but that says that things are getting worse there. All the insurgents have to do is to continue to create terror and chaos, and we haven’t been able to get the terror component under control.”

Miller, the former Democratic Senator from Georgia, also addressed the Cindy Sheehan controversy. “I think she is being used. Her agenda is one she had even before her son was unfortunately killed, and his death has given her a soapbox. He did not die in vain – it was on a hero’s mission.” The Factor pointed out that Sheehan has become a darling of many in the media. “Newspapers in America are 20 to 1 in favor of Cindy Sheehan and propping her up and giving her legitimacy. That is going to spill over into the general population. The far left is trying to pull the Vietnam game all over again and erode support for the war.”

[Quoted from The O’Reilly Factor archive]

You Can’t Live With Wishy-Washiness

Since I am on the subject of the growing persecution of anything Christian in the United States, here is an interesting story from Bill O’Reilly about the importance of the battle against secularism.

This is an important time to take a stand.