Absolutely Priceless!

I read this on Neal Boortz’s site and I laughed out loud! It is so priceless that, rather than explain or re-comment, I’m just going to give you Neal’s own words:

Everybody with a television set knows that Al Sharpton was down at Crawford on Sunday praying with Cindy Sheehan and hamming it up for the cameras. The Welfare King was sucking in the media limelight as much as he possibly could. But then we had a little bit of an incident that would lead one to believe Al was in a little bit of a hurry to get out of there.

The car hauling Sharpton was clocked at 110 miles an hour on a 65mph Interstate, then was chased by police for nine miles. Things got worse, too. Once the cops were able to pull the car over, they arrested the driver for reckless driving and evading arrest and impounded the car. So now Al has no ride. Texas isn’t such a hospitable place for a race warlord and media pimp. So what was Al’s take?

He says the police are embellishing the story. He acts like the driver was just leisurely pulled over for speeding. Right. 110 in a 65 and the cops arrest him. Doesn’t sound like they impounded the car because he was just going 11 over. But the best part of the story comes at the end.

Sheriff’s deputies offered Sharpton a ride, but he refused. So he said he would walk, hitching a ride from a passerby to the airport. Can you imagine…you’re on your way to DFW and there is Al Sharpton….thumbing a ride, walking on the shoulder?

Would you pick him up?


I think that the visual of Al Sharpton thumbing a ride on a Texas highway makes the entire Cirque de la Sheehan worthwhile. Ok, maybe not, but close 😉