Mismanaged Compassion

Cindy Sheehan was indeed upset about Hurricane Rita this week. But not for the reasons you might think. It was because she didn’t get to be the center of attention with her “protest” (more on that later). Here is what she had to say on dailykos.com:

i am watching cnn and it is 100 percent rita…even though it is a little wind and a little rain…it is bad, but there are other things going on in this country today…and in the world!!!!

She sure was quick to jump all over the government response to Katrina. It is clear now that was because it didn’t interfere with her own media coverage. This statement lets us see into the real Cindy. A little wind and rain? I’m certain the people that lost their homes don’t see it that way. Sorry your demonstration wasn’t top priority today Cindy. The media, and your public, sure is fickle, isn’t it?

Should We Leave Now?

To the Sheehans, Moores, and Mark Pattersons of the World, should we really leave Iraq now?

If the war is “illegal,” should the freely elected governing council, and the appointed president be removed? How about reinstating Saddam?

Of course that would be ridiculous. Why then would we not listen to the plea of Jalal Talabani? [full story]

I’ve got news for you naysayers that say we shouldn’t be there and that the Iraqis don’t want us there.

American forces are in Iraq at the invitation of the democratically elected government of Iraq, and with the backing of a United Nations Security Council resolution…

Americans should be proud of what its soldiers have achieved. The presence of foreign forces has prevented a renewed civil war in Iraq–renewed because there has already been a civil war in Iraq. For 35 years, Saddam and his Baath Party made war on the Iraqi people. The liberation of Iraq ended that civil war.

Notice that Talabani uses the phrase “liberation of Iraq.” I grow weary of the media giving a soapbox to the Sheehans, the Moores, the Moveon.orgs to refer to the same as an “invasion” and that we remain “occupiers.” Sorry, but it doesn’t look like Iraq sees it the same way you do. We now have an ally in the Middle East, something we will need desparately in the future as the spectre of a nuclear power looms in Iran. We must continue to defend our new ally.

By giving us the tools, your troops help us to defend Iraqi democracy and to finish the job of uprooting Baathist fascism.

Talabani and the Iraqi people want the Allies to finish the job. The troops want to finish the job.

Let them finish the job!

Newsflash! The Right Wing Conspiracy Now Controls the Weather!

Let me see if I understand this. Hurricane Katrina is all President Bush’s fault. He didn’t sign the Kyoto Treaty. Therefore, he is solely responsible for global warming. Global warming caused hurricane Katrina. If funds for the Army Corps of Engineers weren’t diverted to the War in Iraq, the levy wouldn’t have broken. Not to mention the fact that Bush wasn’t reportedly on his way to tour the damage within 5 minutes of the eye passing the beach. This last point alone is clearly responsible for death and carnage.

Right. And in other news, someone reported to have seen flying swine and a snowball supposedly manufactured in Sheol.

Now if I’ve got this one wrong, someone please correct me.


Ok, then. Since this is the left’s line of reasoning, can I just add this? Are you people crazy? (Yes, that is rhetorical. I already know the answer.) This has got to be the absolute lowest… No wait, I take that back. Everytime I think these nuts can’t possibly get any lower, they come out and astound me with a new zinger.

RFK, Jr., Cindy Sheehan, and others are reported to have actually made this claim out loud. To them, a piece of advice:

“It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.”

Absolutely Priceless!

I read this on Neal Boortz’s site and I laughed out loud! It is so priceless that, rather than explain or re-comment, I’m just going to give you Neal’s own words:

Everybody with a television set knows that Al Sharpton was down at Crawford on Sunday praying with Cindy Sheehan and hamming it up for the cameras. The Welfare King was sucking in the media limelight as much as he possibly could. But then we had a little bit of an incident that would lead one to believe Al was in a little bit of a hurry to get out of there.

The car hauling Sharpton was clocked at 110 miles an hour on a 65mph Interstate, then was chased by police for nine miles. Things got worse, too. Once the cops were able to pull the car over, they arrested the driver for reckless driving and evading arrest and impounded the car. So now Al has no ride. Texas isn’t such a hospitable place for a race warlord and media pimp. So what was Al’s take?

He says the police are embellishing the story. He acts like the driver was just leisurely pulled over for speeding. Right. 110 in a 65 and the cops arrest him. Doesn’t sound like they impounded the car because he was just going 11 over. But the best part of the story comes at the end.

Sheriff’s deputies offered Sharpton a ride, but he refused. So he said he would walk, hitching a ride from a passerby to the airport. Can you imagine…you’re on your way to DFW and there is Al Sharpton….thumbing a ride, walking on the shoulder?

Would you pick him up?


I think that the visual of Al Sharpton thumbing a ride on a Texas highway makes the entire Cirque de la Sheehan worthwhile. Ok, maybe not, but close 😉

Support the Troops

You want to support the troops? The way NOT to do it is by standing with Cindy Sheehan. This undermines the mission and lowers troop morale. Unfortunately, the vocal few get the most press coverage. As I’ve said before, if you don’t support the mission, you don’t support the troops.

If you want to show your support, here’s the right way. Go to the following link and get involved with one or more of these groups:

America Supports You

Some quotes from our service men & women:

I really appreciate all those out there who support us and what we’re doing. We all signed up and volunteered to do our job and I know that what we’re doing is right… I want the entire world to be able to experience the freedoms that we all enjoy as Americans… Thank You for all your support and may we always “Let Freedom Ring.”
SSgt Charles Foster USAF, Roosevelt, UT

Thank you for all of your support. It means a lot to me to see all of the people who are taking their time to thank us for what we are doing.
Brad Purkhiser/AO2/U.S. Navy, Woodruff, SC


Calling a Spade a Spade

Well, sorry folks. It had to happen sooner or later. With my posts about Cindy Sheehan and the War in Iraq, it was only a matter of time before some extremist (right or left) had to come by.

In case you missed out, one of my posts received an ill-written comment on how wrong I was about the war. The problem was, the writer of said comment clearly had no supporting evidence for his opinion. I hypothesized that he was likely a member of an extremist group – either a Michael Moore wannabe or MoveOn.org. Or both. So I commented on his comments, and sure enough, he was waiting in the wings. This time with an even more entertaining rant.

It is amazing to me that some people think that, just because they know where the “caps lock” key is on their keyboard and that they can bandy about with name calling, that they somehow display themselves as intelligent. The truth is that they expose their ignorance. Hey, a few mispelled words or punctuation errors are ok here and there. We all make them, especially when writing so prolifically. Who has time to proofread that much content? But mix it all together and you look like a grade A imbecile.

For kicks, I looked up some synonyms for imbecile. They are quite fun. Here are a few of the better ones: addle-pate, boob, cretin, dimwit, dunce, dunderhead, fool, halfwit, ignoramus, lamebrain, loony, lunkhead, muttonhead, numskull, simpleton.

So, this commenter is clearly an extremist. Interestingly, even though I stated that I belong to neither major political party, he referred to me as a right wing republican (as if that was an insult). I guess, from the extreme left, everyone else seems to be right wing – even Bill Clinton. Anyway, since my commenter is clearly a big fan of Michael Moore, he may take offense at Bill O’Reilly’s recent comments about what makes an extremist.

If you think Michael Moore reports accurately, you’re an extremist.

Extremists who follow other extremists rarely take the time to actually learn their position. They could not debate themselves out of a paper bag. And yet they try to take on anyone and everyone who disagrees with them. If you disagree, look out! A barrage of expletives and name calling will commence. And here is a tip: if they call you a Nazi, congratulations! You have won your argument. It means that, even though you may still have supporting evidence and documentation on your position that you have not dipped in to, your opponent has been run into a corner and can’t get out. It is much like the little kid in a fight that, when backed into a corner, puts his head down and just starts swinging and flailing his arms. He’s bound to hit something, anything. He doesn’t care what, as long as it’s something.

Feel free to comment and debate. It is healthy and realistic. But for goodness sake, if you are going to open your mouth, make certain that you know of what you speak. And if you are grammatically challenged, perhaps you would be better off remaining silent.

It’s About Respect

Here is one of the best quotes I’ve seen that sums up why it’s important to support the troops in their mission:

In Vacaville, Toni Colip, 50, said her son, David, went to high school with Casey Sheehan and is now in the Marines, although not in Iraq. She said her son opposes Sheehan’s activities and has asked her to support his military service even if he is injured or killed.

“He said, ‘Don’t dishonor me, don’t walk on my grave,'” Colip said.

Bush Backers Amass to Counter ‘Peace Mom’

Cindy Sheehan could take a lesson here. I didn’t know Casey Sheehan, and I’m going on the heresay of the media here, but it sounds to me like he was what I would consider a hero. He was an eagle scout and then he went into military service. He re-upped after the war in Iraq was in full swing so he knew what he was getting into. And from what I understand, he volunteered for the mission in which he was killed, and it was a rescue mission at that. To me, this man should be honored.

I’m glad to see that there are military families out there with the “You don’t speak for me, Cindy” slogan. They accept what has already been accepted by their sons and daughters: they are serving on a mission that their country asked them to do and they do it with honor. If they make the ultimate sacrifice, we should not deny them an honorable memory. To not support their mission takes away what they gave their lives for.

My city has lost several sons to this war, on 9/11, in Afganistan, and in Iraq. We have a memorial to the victims of 9/11, complete with a beam from the WTC and stone from the Pentagon. This is also a memorial for one of our own residents, Naval Commander Dan Shanower, who died in the attack on the Pentagon.

The memorial takes its theme from an article written by Commander Shanower entitled “Freedom Isn’t Free.” In it, he wrote: “Those of us in the military are expected to make the ultimate sacrifice when called. The military loses scores of personnel each year. Each one risked and lost his or her life in something they believed in, leaving behind friends, family and shipmates to bear the burden and celebrate their devotion to our country…Freedom isn’t free.”

When Cindy Sheehan stands up at an an anti war rally supporting Lynne Stewart, who aided and abbetted terrorists, and says “This country is not worth dying for,” she spits on the grave of every member of our military who answered the call of duty and made that ultimate sacrifice. Compare and contrast the following statements, one from a fallen soldier, on from a soldier who may be called to make the ultimate sacrifice, and one from a mother whose son has fallen:

Those of us in the military are expected to make the ultimate sacrifice when called.” – Commander Dan Shanower

Don’t dishonor me, don’t walk on my grave.” – David Colip

This country is not worth dying for… I would never have let [Casey] go and try and defend this morally repugnant system we have.” – Cindy Sheehan

Sorry, but I have no respect for Sheehan. She has stepped out of the sympathetic role of grieving mother and into the role of antiwar activist. Think about that when picking which side you are on.

Iraq – Failure Is Not An Option

If you missed The O’Reilly Factor on Tuesday, August 16, 2005, you probably missed some of the most concise and clear explanations of the reality of Iraq and the War on Terror.

O’Reilly kicked it off with his “Talking Points”

Now on to Iraq. First off, if you want the USA to lose this fight in Iraq, you’re a bad American. Everybody got that? You can oppose the action, but rooting for your country to lose is inexcusable.

At this point, the cut and run crowd has no case. If Iraq descends into chaos, yet another terrorist state will emerge. We removed one terror enabler, Saddam, and to allow another one to take his place is simply madness. It’d be like handing Afghanistan back to the Taliban. Again, the cut and run people are simply clueless.

And he goes on to say:

Now the mistake many Americans are making is to define the war in ideological terms. This conflict should be about performance, not a preconceived political viewpoint.

There’s no question a free Iraq cooperating against worldwide terrorism would be a good thing. There’s no question. So you can argue that the price the USA Is paying is too high. That’s a legitimate debate, but rooting against a free Iraq is atrocious.

And finally:

The Iraqis themselves must understand it’s their fight in the long run. Right now, lots of Iraqis are signing up, but their efficiency in battle is weak after two and a half years. That’s got to change fast. American blood and treasure is giving its people the chance at freedom, but we can only do so much.

[Read the entire column here]

Later in the program, O’Reilly had on Ret. Lt Gen Thomas McInerney and former Senator Zell Miller. If I had known their discussion was going to be so good, I would have taken copius notes. So for lack of better commentary, here is the synopsis from The O’Reilly Factor archive:

Top Story
A no-spin look at Iraq
Guests: Fox News analyst Zell Miller & Fox News military analyst Gen. Thomas McInerney

For more on Iraq, The Factor was joined by Fox News analysts Gen. Thomas McInerney and Zell Miller, both of whom claimed the war is going far better than most news reports indicate. “We have made enormous progress,” General McInerney said. “The coalition forces have built schools and hospitals and have gotten the economy going. The terrorists and the insurgents are fighting even harder because they know they are losing.” Miller agreed, and disputed the suggestion that Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld should step down. “I would rather have an exhausted Rumsfeld than a fresh and invigorated someone else. He is enough of a patriot and a good soldier to know when it’s time to leave, but right now I don’t see any reason to replace him.” The Factor argued the other side, pointing out that insurgent attacks have increased over the past year. “I’m not a military guy, but that says that things are getting worse there. All the insurgents have to do is to continue to create terror and chaos, and we haven’t been able to get the terror component under control.”

Miller, the former Democratic Senator from Georgia, also addressed the Cindy Sheehan controversy. “I think she is being used. Her agenda is one she had even before her son was unfortunately killed, and his death has given her a soapbox. He did not die in vain – it was on a hero’s mission.” The Factor pointed out that Sheehan has become a darling of many in the media. “Newspapers in America are 20 to 1 in favor of Cindy Sheehan and propping her up and giving her legitimacy. That is going to spill over into the general population. The far left is trying to pull the Vietnam game all over again and erode support for the war.”

[Quoted from The O’Reilly Factor archive]

Cindy Sheehan, It’s Time to Stop

I had originally written this post earlier today and saved it as a draft since I wasn’t sure I would actually post it. Since this was written, Reuters has released a story that Cindy’s husband has filed for divorce. Of course her response to the press is that they had decided this before she camped out in Crawford. However, since their son was killed over a year ago, my guess is that she has allowed her grief or her selfish need for attention (I’ll leave it up to you to decide which) completely consume her life. So I find it unlikely that her husband’s decision is totally unrelated.

Interestingly, as I mentioned in an earlier post, I recently finished reading C.S. Lewis’ “The Great Divorce” which, if you haven’t read it, is not about divorce (at least, not in the usual sense of the word). There is a very apropos section of the book where we are introduced to a mother that is so consumed with the death of her son, she not only allowed it to destroy her earthly family, she also refused to accept God’s eternal love. Rather than try to explain, I’ll just say read the book. It’s worth the read.

Anyway, the rest of what I wrote is below, unedited. Take from it what you will…

When Cindy Sheehan first hit the news, I admit that I did have some sympathy for her plight. What real human being wouldn’t? The woman lost her son in war. She deserves to grieve.

But as the Bush-hating media has glommed on to exploit her, she has shown her true colors. She has shown that she is a willing participant in her own exploitation. That says to me that, since she is willing to cheapen the death of her own son, she obviously has an agenda. Given what has been pouring out of her mouth, her request to meet with the President isn’t to gain closure or ease her pain. In fact, if Bush did meet with her, it would likely take the wind out of the sails of her real agenda, which is clearly becoming an extremist agenda.

Consider this from IBD this week:

Grief is something to be endured, not exploited. Those who use it to push their agendas end up cheapening it. A mother’s grief becomes just one more emotional lever to manipulate the media and the public. That’s where compassion ends and cynicism properly starts. [read the entire editorial here]

Also consider her recent statement, “You get America out of Iraq and Israel out of Palestine and you’ll stop the terrorism” indicates that she has now somehow become an expert on foreign relations and international diplomacy. Yet to do that would only reinforce the belief among the terrorists that we are weak and without resolve, encouraging further attacks. It is abundantly clear that Sheehan has absolutely no concept of militant fundamentalist Islam. To them, every citizen of the world must either be Muslim or be destroyed. There is NO middle ground.

What I think is the worse than dishonoring the death of her son is that she cheapens the ultimate sacrifice of every soldier who has died in Iraq. She is saying to the parents of every fallen soldier in this war, “My son died in vain and so did yours.” To say you support the troops and then illigitemize their sacrifice is hypocritical.

So the question to me has become, “Has Cindy Sheehan completely lost her sanity due to her pain and grief, or is she truly that selfish that she will allow her self to exploit her son’s death to achieve her 15 minutes of fame?” I’m going to give her the benefit of the doubt and say that she has lost it. I will submit as evidence the following:

  1. Claims George Bush killed her son, so she doesn’t owe a penny of 2004 taxes.
  2. Claims Bush should be impeached and tried for war crimes.
  3. Her family has issued a letter of NONsupport for her tirade